miércoles, 9 de junio de 2010

Release after the eviction of the anti-Mat squoting forest

the 24th of may at 7:00 a.m. 180 cops with diferents equipments came inside of the Anti_mat squoting forest .

During eigh long hours we’ve been evicted and our houses destroid, but we know that this number of polices is not egnough to destroy the passion for the freedom.

The desproportion of the police intervention makes clear how the Estate is afreid in front of a small and pacific protest.

During the 5 months of the ocupation, persons with diferents experience and skills has resisted the avance of the high level tension without any kind of organization, just shearing every day and improvising when necessary, all giving life to the piece of forest.

This eviction have finished the fisic space but not the thousents ideeas that everybody who pass arround there put in comun; shearing diferents fight ways.

With this eviction the Estate show clearly the interests of who is defending.
The intere$t of Red Electrica Española.

The Estate spit on the fight years against the MAT, it laugh of the forest destruction and it dosen’t care about the health problems that the MAT makes.

This action have been one of the neverending ways of fight. We know between the hundreds of persons who joined us dancing in the ropes, some of them will still figting against the destruction of the planet and the squoting places, against who enclose them, against the animal and human explotation.

If the nightmare of the industrial “progress” still advancing, the figth and the resistance will continue!!!